An Introduction

My name is Michael Funk and I have taken on the daunting task of trying to fill Trisha Browns shoes as president of the SRPS.  Now I don’t know if Trisha has big feet, but I do know she has big shoes, because it is time for me to try to fill them.  What I can promise you, is that I will do my best to make sure the SRPS continues to be a great place for us to meet, learn, and grow in the art form we know as photography. 

OK, so who am I?  I’m a 72-year-old guy who grew up in New York, studied Hotel and Restaurant administration in college, went into the US Air Force for 6 ½ years because the Vietnam war was in need of young men.    A number of years later I became a cop.  I retired in 2001 and have been enjoying life ever since.  Along the way I met my wife Nancy who also worked at the police department.  We have two children, who also have two children. I have an older son, who also has two children.  We all live in Petaluma.   

I have always enjoyed photography. When I was stationed in Taiwan, I spent my free time learning to develop my prints in the darkroom. Over the years I thought I took adequate photographs; however, it wasn’t until about four years ago I actually began to think about what I was doing with my camera. I went to a few photography workshops, and began watching my favorite learning medium, YouTube.  I joined the SRPS almost two years ago and continued to learn by competing and listening to our professional judges.  So here I am now, continuing to learn, and hopefully growing as a photographer.  

OK, so what is ahead, and how do I plan to tackle this position as president?  With the help of all of you that have volunteered to be involved on the board, on committees, and those who participate in our meetings and outings, I believe we can all grow as photographers.  We continue to build on what the SRPS has been doing for long before I became involved.  To begin with, this email is just the first you will receive from me.  I will be writing a monthly email to make sure we are all kept up to date on the goings on in the club.  I will make a concerted effort to get to know all of you better than just saying hello over the snack table, while eating too many of the wonderful treats that our members have worked so hard to provide us.  I will listen to ideas and suggestions.  By working together, we can all continue to become more proficient photographers and further enhance our experience in the Santa Rosa Photographic Society.  

I look forward to seeing you at our meetings and outings.