Club Happenings

Hello Everyone,

A quick note to let you know what you missed if you didn’t attend the last competition and the outing to the Phoenix Theatre. We had 18 people attend the outing at the Phoenix. It was a very interesting location with no shortage of colorful subjects to photograph. It was challenging however, in that the light levels were low, and it you didn’t bring a tripod you had to become creative. Many of us were taking photos of the skateboarders, which proved to be extremely challenging due to fast movement, low light and low shutter speeds. Many went out to dinner afterwards and from what I know a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Trisha and Joel for setting this outing up.

Our latest competition reminded me of how many very talented photographers we have in our club at all levels. The Best in Show image went to James Radford who did a self-portrait of sorts using an app called Photospiralysis. You cansee for yourself how it turned out.

Our judge for this competition was Stephen Hinchey, the President of N4C. He did an excellent job of keeping things moving and providing excellent feedback on the images submitted.

Thanks again to all of you that attended and a special thanks to our members who provide the delicious snacks that I tend to eat too many of. See you at the next competition. Remember we have two this month.

Lastly, I am in the process of setting up our first board meeting of the year. I would appreciate it if you email me any ideas you would like brought to the boards attention, or any thoughts you have on what we can do to improve our club for its members.