I trust you have already submitted your images for our next competition on February 28th.  I am looking forward to seeing you and your work.  Many of us got together last week at a reunion of those who attended the Eastern Sierra field trip.  We had a wonderful evening of socialization and the opportunity to see each other’s images.  Each of us brought 10 images on a thumb drive and had a lot of fun seeing what each of us came up with, we sure have a lot of talent in this club.  A huge thanks to our hosts Dick Weston and Terry Connelly for putting this together.  Dick BBQed a tri tip, it was fabulous, along with the other items, salads, desserts and appetizers the other members brought.  A great deal of fun was had by all.  We even got a good laugh at my wife’s expense.  If you haven’t attended a field trip, I encourage you to do so.  This is really how you get to know the other members and get to chat about our favorite subject photography. 

Speaking of field trips, I hope you all received an email from Dick White about the Bodie trip in June.  This is a great opportunity to stay through sunset and not only get golden hour photos but try out or hone your skills at astrophotography.  I strongly urge you to book your reservations as soon as possible, as rooms are becoming scarce during this peak period of the season.  I already made my reservations and am really looking forward to this trip.     

Eleven of us attended the N4C awards luncheon in Walnut Creek on Sunday.  A great event and one where we got to see the winning print images.  Our club doesn’t do print images so this was another chance to see and examine the art that is being generated by members of the various clubs.  The Santa Rosa Photographic Society was well represented among the winning images.  Our host explained there were about 2000 images that were judged and if you made it to an Honorable Mention up to First place you have really accomplished something.  Two of our members took first place awards, Gustavo Arizmendi took a first place in Pictorial Images and Dick Weston received a first place in Creative. Congratulations to Forrest Booth, Tim Allen, Loujean LaMalfa Prince, Michael Funk, Dan Murray, Sherri Oster, Nancy Goodenough, Joel Brown, Richard White, Greg Pech, Tara Pavis, Bill Stacy and Trisha Brown for their 2nd though Honorable mention awards. 

Our new website is up and running now.  Please take the time to look at it.  What a huge improvement and a site we can certainly be proud of.  Many thanks to Nick Allen for all his hard work, along with Tara Pavis who did a poll to find out what our concerns were and how to improve the site.  Nick has plans to teach those of us who will be entering information on how to accomplish this.  Once this happens, we should be fully functional.  Check it out!

More to follow after our next meeting.  See you then.