December Update

Hi Everyone,

Thursday night was our annual banquet.  We had approximately 50 people attend including judges and representatives from N4C.  It was a fun evening and, again, we had way too much food, although I would rather have too much than not enough.   We also announced the End of Year winners and advanced those members who qualified.  Before I get into that though I want to give credit where credit is due.  This club does not run itself, and as the President I only do a small part. There are many others, listed below, who deserve a great deal of thanks for keeping this club operating and being a wonderful place to meet like-minded people, and learn something along the way.   

Banquet Chair and Organizer for last night’s event:  Elizabeth Springs 

Competition Chair: Tara Pavis 

The Board of Directors-Greg Pech, Cheryl Akers, Cris Gondak  

Advancement Committee:  Terry Connelly, Tara, Marilyn Caven

Review Committee:  Nancy Goodenough, Phill Hann, Nick Allen, Sherri Oster, Loujean LaMalfa, Tamara Krautkramer

Judges coordinator and N4C Rep:  Bill Stacy

Program Coordinators:  Liz Lawson, Anne Abrams, Lynda Stuber and Betsy Waters.  

Field Trip Coordinators:  Joel and Trisha Brown 

New Member & Guests:  Jennifer Marano

Exhibition Coordinator:  Tim Allen 

House Monitor:  Terry Connelly and Liz Lawson with help of Dick Weston 

Projection Chair:  Steve Lowery, Steve Muench, Pat Prettie and Marv Siegal  and when needed Cheryl Akers

Keeper of the Scores:  Steve Muench

Sound and Webmaster:  Nick Allen

LBAGC Reps:   Cheryl Akers, Gary Goodenough and Bill Pitcher

LBAGC Maintenance Committee Rep, Dick Weston

Raffle Coordinator:  Anne Abrams and Elizabeth Springs

Email List Serv Coordinator:  Phil Hann

Mentor Chairman:  Tony Reynes

Refreshment Committee:  Lynda Stuber, Cheryl Akers and Pam Pitcher

So, as you can see this is a team effort and without this level of participation the club would not be able to function as it does.  If I have forgotten, someone please accept my apology.  

After dinner we began by announcing the winners of the end of year awards.  

Santa Rosa Photographic Society 2019 EOY Winners


1st        Herbert Gaidus           Swan Lake

2nd       Steve Thomas             Playing the Blues

3rd        Richard White             Sea Sprite Sunrise

HM      James Radford            Photo Spiralysis

HM      Ronnie Rosenbach      Black and White with a little Red


1st        Francis Williams          Great Egrets Nesting

2nd       Gustavo Arizmendi     Forbidden Ascension

3rd        Sherri Oster                 The Crooner

HM      Lynda Stuber               Simplicity

HM      Guy Miller                   Nighttime at Jack London’s Wolf House


1st        Nick Allen                    True Colors Shining Through…

2nd       Nick Allen                    Deep Distress

3rd        Michael Funk              Entering Warp Speed

HM      Michael Funk              Rakes

HM      Bill Stacy                      Bursting Free

HM      Marvin Siegel              Alcatraz Prison Cell

CREATIVE “Masters”

1st        Terry Connelly            Orbits Exploding

2nd       Terry Connelly            City Run

3rd        Terry Connelly            A Night at the Museum

HM      Nancy Goodenough    Protest, an Abstraction

HM      Nancy Goodenough    Ibis Contemplating the Void

HM      Nancy Goodenough    Breakfast Cocktail


1st        Herbert Gaidus           Great American Eclipse

2nd       Mike Felder                 Love Always has a Place

3rd        Elizabeth Springs        Sebastopol Street Painting

HM      Richard White             Lagoona de Santa Rosa Flood

HM      Richard White             The Spirit of France


1st        Jennifer Marano         Cowgirl

2nd       Ellen Storz                   Boat Contest

3rd        Jennifer Marano         Round Up

3rd        Jennifer Marano         Round Up

HM      Jennifer Marano         Life in the Palouse

HM      Jennifer Marano         Polo Benefit


1st        Tamara Krautkramer  Pilgrims

2nd       Nick Allen                    Smoke from Nun’s Fire

3rd        Michael Funk              Worker…

HM      Marvin Siegel              San Francisco Fleet Week

HM      Phillip Hann                 Wrestling


1st        Terry Connelly            Manzanar Pilgrimage

2nd       Terry Connelly            Santa Rosa Tattoos & Blues

3rd        Terry Connelly            The Sermon

HM      Steve Muench             Kids will Play

HM      Nancy Goodenough    You Buy from Me-ee


1st        Herbert Gaidus           Cellular Absorption

2nd       Jim Radford                 Indoor-outdoor-cats

3rd        Herbert Gaidus           The Three Brothers…

HM      Lucy Aaron                  Takeoff

HM      Greg Pech                   Morels


1st        Steve Gibbs                 Waterfall

2nd       Guy Miller                   Phillips Gulch Falls

3rd        Jennifer Marano         A Different Point of View

HM      Tara Pavis                    NO Parking

HM      Lynda Stuber               On the Boardwalk


1st        Tim Allen                     Passing Through

2nd       Phillip Hann                 Big Dipper

3rd        Bill Stacy                      Metal Stampede

HM      Michael Funk              Egret Preening

HM      Tim Allen                     Looking Down


1st        Terry Connelly            Athens Alleyway

2nd       Liz Lawson                   Ascent Descent

3rd        Terry Connelly            Culture & Tattoos

HM      Steve Muench             Unending Faces of Time

HM      Jack Florence              Sandstone Cliffs


1st        Betsy Waters              Egrets

2nd       Herbert Gaidus           Great Egret

3rd        Herbert Gaidus           Bald Eagle

HM      Herbert Gaidus           2 Brown Bear Cubs

HM      Herbert Gaidus           California Brown Pelican…


1st        Jennifer Marano         Bald Eagles

2nd       Lynda Stuber               Clusstering Monarchs

3rd        Tara Pavis                    An Orb Weaver Spider

HM      Lynda Stuber               Western Scrub Jay

HM      Guy Miller                   Big Horn Sheep


1st        Michael Funk              Great White Egret

2nd       Bill Stacy                      Kodiak Brown with Cubs

3rd        Patricia Prettie            Sandhill Crane

NATURE “Masters”

1st        Marilyn Craven           Cedar Waxwing

2nd       Marilyn Craven           Brandt’s Cormorant…

3rd        Terry Connelly            Mating Elephant Seal

HM      Nancy Goodenough    Camouflaged Aoudad

HM      Terry Connelly            Lupines


1st        Greg Pech                   Geometric Sky

2nd       Herbert Gaidus           Trees Huddling before the Storm

3rd        Ronnie Rosenbach      Textures

HM      Lucy Aron                    Violin Maker

HM      Lucy Aron                    Staghorn

HM      Betsy Waters              Red Poppy Emerging


1st        Steve Gibbs                 Soft Vineyard Sunrise

2nd       Guy Miller                   Bristlecone Pine under Milky Way

3rd        Guy Miller                   Nightime

HM      Tara Pavis                    Through the Wormhole

HM      Tara Pavis                    The Beginning of Blueberries


1st        Michael Funk              Sentinels of Wacker Drive in Chicago

2nd       Bill Stacy                      Outrage

3rd        Nick Allen                    Threading the Needle

HM      Gary Sax                      Super Moon

HM      William Clark               Camel Handlers


1st        Jack Florence              Late Afternoon

2nd       Nancy Goodenough    Pink Cadillac

3rd        Jack Florence              The Crest of Sand Dune

HM      Marilyn  Craven          Cactus Flower


1st       Mike Felder                 The Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso

2nd       Richard White             Staff Cottages

3rd        Herbert Gaidus           Sliding Sands

HM      Herbert Gaidus           Eureka Dunes

HM      Herbert Gaidus           Hike to Yosemite Diving Board


1st        Francis Williams          Beggar & his Monkey

2nd       Guy Miller                   Stormy Day at Stonehenge

3rd        Guy Miller                   Vatican City

HM      Tara Pavis                    Milan, Italy

HM      Sherry Oster                Bryce Canyon

HM      Sherry Oster                Lower Antelope Canyon


1st        Trisha Brown               Red Barn Below Steptoe Butte

2nd       William Clark               The Douro River

3rd        Bill Stacy                      Camel Herder

HM      Nick Allen                    Storm on the Eastern Sierra

HM      William Clark               Mansanto, Portugal

TRAVEL “Masters”

1st        Nancy Goodenough    Alone…China

2nd       Terry Connelly            Sarlat, France

3rd        Nancy Goodenough    Life on the Chao Phraya River

HM      Nancy Goodenough    Early Morning

HM      Jack Florence              Sand Dunes of Death Valley

Master’s TRAVEL Best in Show

Nancy Goodenough    Alone…China


1st        Michael Funk              Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds @ Wine Country Air Show

2nd       Ronnie Rosenbauch    Bodie House

3rd        Bill Stacy                      National Heirloom Festival

The end of year advancements were announced by Greg Pech as the Chairman of the Advancement Committee:

B to A:

Herb Gaidus, 1st Place, total score 231 (Automatic)

Greg Pech, 2nd Place, total score 191 (Automatic)

Rick White, 3rd Place, total score 183 (Clustered within 5% of 2nd Place; next highest score of 143 was 20% below 2nd Place)

A to AA:

Tara Pavis, 1st Place, total score 206 (Automatic)

Jennifer Marano, 2nd Place, total score 181 (Automatic)

[The Rules state: “In the event there is a cluster of top scores, all members represented in that cluster will be advanced, provided they have met the minimum submission requirements.”  The AC considered 3 additional members with scores clustered from 155 to 146, which is 14-19% below 2nd Place, and concluded that these were too far below the 2nd Place finisher to qualify for advancement as “a cluster of top scores”.]

AA to Masters Candidate: (new rules below recently approved by member voting)

Based on the updated rules for Advancement, there are 3 methods by which a member can advance to Masters Candidate:

1. Achieve First, Second, or Third in AA Overall Point Average TWICE within a four-year period. Minimum 2 years to meet this requirement.

2. Achieve First, Second, or third in AA Overall Point Average AND win a first place in one of the categories

in the End of Year Competition (section 6) within a four-year period. Minimum two years to meet this requirement.

3. By Advancement Committee evaluation

The following 5 members qualify for Masters Candidate:

Tony Reynes – By AC review, Board-assigned Committee recommendation to, and approval by the SRPS Board

Nick Allen – 1st place average score in 2018 and 2019 (also first place EOY in 2019)

Tim Allen – 3rd place average score in 2018 and EOY 1st place in Nature and Pictorial 2017 (also first place EOY in 2019)

Tamara Krautkramer – 1st place average score in 2017 and 3rd place average score in 2019 (also first place EOY in 2019)

Anne Abrams – 3rd place average score in 2016 and 2017 

Don’t forget to pay your dues if you pay January through December.  Due to the change we made earlier if your dues are due in the middle of the year you have some time left.  It is important that you keep up on your renewal date.  If your dues are in arrears, any images entered into a competition will not be judged.   It is easy to pay on our website, just click on the member tab and hit the drop down menu for Dues.  

I also want to recognize Richard White for his volunteering for the Competition Chair for 2020 and hopefully beyond.  Let’s all make his job easier by reviewing the rules prior to entering any competition and thank him for taking on this job. 

Last night on ABC 7 News I saw Gustavo Arizmendi’s photo of the moon in the clouds.  Great image Gustavo!  It is fantastic to see one of our member’s work recognized and shown to the entire Bay Area.  

I want to wish all of you a Happy Hanukkah, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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