January Update

Hi Everyone,

We had a great turnout at our first competition of the year.  Thanks to all who attended and submitted images for making it a fun experience for all of us.  Our judge, Charles Ginsburgh, did an excellent job as usual, and even did a brief tutorial on water droplet photography at the conclusion of the competition.   

Congratulations to the first-place winners in each category:


B. Joel Brown

A. Steve Gibbs

AA. Gary Saxe

M.  Tony Reynes


B. Joel Brown

A. Steve Gibbs

AA. Bill Stacy

M.  Terry Connelly


B. Betsy Waters

A. Guy Miller

AA. Jennifer Marano

M. Marilyn Caven

Best in Show:  Steve Gibbs 

There are quite a few great field trip ideas for the coming year created by our field trip committee of Joel and Trisha Brown and Elizabeth Springs.   I hope you managed to get the list titled Field Trip Wish List 2020.  If not, I am attaching a pdf copy for you.  Please let the committee know by January 23rd of your desires. 

The members nominated as Master’s Candidates have begun to submit their ideas for their presentations to Greg Pech and his committee.  We should be seeing some very interesting and informative presentations from these very talented photographers.  

Our next competition is January 23rd and will be judged by a relatively new judge, Ouliana Panova.  I watched her judge at a Marin Photo club print competition last year.  It was her first judging assignment after completing the N4C judging classes.  I was quite impressed and suggested to Bill Stacy, our judge’s coordinator, he try to line her up for one of our competitions.   So please come out and attend our next competition, I think you will enjoy her style of judging.  There will be a dinner before at the East West Café at 5PM if you care to join us.  

That is all for now,