March 11, 2021 | JOEL BROWN

Hello Santa Rosa Photography Society

It is March 11, 2021, approximately 3 days short of one year (3/14/21) since Sonoma County declared a Covid-19 lockdown for its residents 65 and over.  I personally see signs of hope in that more of our 65 & over members are talking about how they have received either their 1st or 2nd vaccination. If you have received the vaccination let us keep our vigilance up for a few more months until our under 65 members receive their shots.

While we are awaiting those future milestones, let us all congratulate Tamara Krautkramer & Betsy Waters for their published articles to the N4C Foto Fanfare March 2021 edition. Tamara Krautkramer’s article on “Insider Tips for African Safaris” is very helpful for anyone’s future “bucket list” trip to the veldt lands of the African continent. Betsy Water’s article “Photography for Aging Boomers” is so “a right time” primer for our club membership. A very specific congratulations from the President to both of you because it really is harder to open up with the written word for others one’s feelings and knowledge about their passions.

At the N4C 2020 Annual Competition Judging Awards on Sunday 2/21/21 via Zoom the following members won recognition:

Pictorial Projected

  • BASIC: Fritz Carlson (HM), Joel David Brown (HM)
  • INTERMEDIATE: Steve Gibbs (1st)
  • MASTERS: Tamara Krautkramer (3rd)

Monochrome Projected

  • BASIC: Pat Carlson (HM)
  • INTERMEDIATE: Steve Gibbs (1st, 5th), Frances Williams (3rd), Guy Miller (4th), Lynda Stuber (HM)
  • ADVANCED: Herbert Gaidus (3rd)

Travel Projected

  • ADVANCED: Herbert Gaidus (HM)
  • MASTERS: Tamara Krautkramer (4th, HM)

Journalism Projected

  • BASIC: Joel David Brown (2nd)
  • INTERMEDIATE: Betsy Waters (1st), Lynda Stuber (3rd), Ellen Storz (HM)
  • ADVANCED: Bill Stacy (HM)
  • MASTERS: Tamara Krautkramer (4th)

Nature Projected

  • BASIC: Fritz Carlson (2nd)
  • INTERMEDIATE: Betsy Waters (1st), Lynda Stuber (3rd), Ellen Storz (HM)
  • ADVANCED: Bill Stacy (4th), Jennifer Marano (HM)
  • MASTERS: Tamara Krautkramer (HM)

Creative Projected

  • BASIC: Pat Carlson (HM)
  • INTERMEDIATE: Steve Gibbs(5th)
  • ADVANCED: Bill Stacy (3rd), Michael Funk (HM), Trisha Brown (HM)
  • MASTERS: Nancy Goodenough (HM)

Portfolio Projected (out of 57 entries)

  • Tamara Krautkramer – “Pilgrims of Lalibela” (4th)
  • Tara Pavis – “Taken out of context” (5th)
  • Trisha Brown – “After John Coplans” (HM)
  • Nancy Goodenough – “Animals with Attitudes” (HM)
  • Bill Stacy – “Wine Country Polo” (HM)
  • Timothy S. Allen – “Fun at the Carnival” (HM)


We are in the midst of our March Field Trip to Quarry Hill (March 7 – 13, 2021) which has been arranged by Tony Reynes our Field Trip Coordinator; details can be found by either contacting Tony directly or visiting our website’s Events Calendar. Our March 25, 2021 Program features a presentation by noted photographer Harold Davis, titled “Photography as Poetry”. Details can be found by contacting Lynda Stuber our Programs Coordinator or visiting our website’s Events Calendar.

Our club members approved the proposed changes to Section 4.0 of the SRPS Competition Rules by a 19-0 vote margin. I want to say thank you to all the Advancement Committee members for a long and serious discussion of the changes, and the solid changes to these rules will make it better for the entire club membership.

SRPS is currently going thru a reach out effort for a volunteer to take over the Treasurer position form our one-&-only Cheryl Akers. Unfortunately, Cheryl strongly feels that she needs to pass her role onto to a younger member (smile). I want to add that there are many of our members who are strong future candidates for Advancement to masters in the next 1-3 years. (I talk with both the Review Committee & Advancement Committee members!). Club service is required for advancement to Masters level. Yes, this is your opportunity Grasshopper if you are willing to seize the day!!!! I will probably be calling some of you directly, smile!!!

Some of the future activities being developed by the Board are as follows:

  • Setting up a post-Field trip photo salon which utilizes a combination of Zoom & our photo competition software Visual Pursuits so members can talk about what they shot for that trip. Steve & Tony are close on this activity.
  • Setting up a Photo Critique & Photo Processing Technique Salons which will focus on providing helpful information and creative sharing outlets to our members in a safe & caring environment. The salons will utilize the same technical combination of Zoom & our photo competition software Visual Pursuits. The club team of Terry Connelly, Nancy Goodenough, Steve Muench, Nick Allen, & Joel Brown are still working out details of technical and format issues but stay tuned. 
  • We hope to enable access to our Competition and Program Night Zoom Meetings directly thru the Club web site. The feature will allow not only club members but non-club members who visit our web site direct access our public events.

Well for now I have run out of words. We really are one “rocking” club…thank you for everyone’s participation and passion for photography!

“Life is short and precious, so one must make every Shutter Click count!” – unknown photographer.