Becoming A Member

  • Benefits of membership
    • Monthly competitions — first meeting each month
      • Competitions are judged by an outside photographer whose comments help members improve their photography.
      • There are four skill levels: Basic(B), Intermediate(I), Advanced(A), and Masters. New members are generally placed at level B and may work their way up through succeeding levels by competition results. Judging and advancement procedures are found in the competition rules.
      • Each member may submit three entries per month, divided as the member wishes among the formats (prints and digital images) and among the subject categories (Pictorial, Monochrome, Nature, Creative, Journalism and Travel).
      • Programs — second meeting each month. Programs are arranged to address topics of interest and to increase members’ photography skills. They include educational presentations featuring speakers, workshops, salons, demonstrations, and hands-on participation.
      • Opportunities to enter competitions sponsored by PSA.
      • Field trips: Local area and more distant weekend field trips give members opportunities to improve skills and enjoy socializing around their shared interest in photography.
    • An e-mail group for timely dissemination of club information.
    • The pleasure of discussing photography with people of like interests, as well as the stimulation of friendly competition.

How to join

Come to any of our regular meetings and our guest greeter will help you. Or send an email to

There are two levels of membership: Associate and Full. Associate members may not enter club competitions or place images on the club web site, but may participate in all other club activities. Full membership is $75 and Associate membership is $65.