Rev. 180824

These Management Guidelines are intended to assist the Directors and Officers in handling the day-to-day operations of the Club. These Management Guidelines shall not contradict the Constitution and Bylaws or the Competition Rules.


President – Presides over regular membership meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors; appoints standing committee chairpersons, establishes special committees, and appoints members to fill the remaining term of any officer unable or unwilling to complete a term of office. At the annual Awards Dinner held in December of each year, prepares and delivers an Annual Report and conducts the installation of officers. Provides a current membership roster and the most up to date Constitution and Bylaws to the Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center in January of each year. Authorized to cosign checks.

Vice-President – Appoints the Advancement Committee and may serve as an alternate; notifies Master candidates of their eligibility and procedures to follow, receives the Candidate’s Masters Presentation Outline, schedules a Masters Presentation date, and when all requirements have been met, confirms to the candidate his/her advancement to the Master level. Performs the duties of the President in her/his absence. Assumes the duties of the President in the event the President is unable to complete an elected term. Authorized to co-sign checks.

Secretary – Prepares minutes of the Board of Directors meetings; corresponds as required for the business and social concerns of the Club and in any other respect as directed by the Board of Directors; provides notice to members of special meetings and events, including notice of proposed voting, and maintains permanent copies of the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and Bylaws, Competition Rules, Management Guidelines, all minutes and the year-end membership rosters. Authorized to co-sign checks.

Treasurer – Gives a general accounting of funds at each Board of Directors meeting and prepares a written account for each fiscal year. Accepts budget proposals from the various committee chairs and other persons engaged in carrying out the business of the Club and uses them to prepare a proposed annual budget to be presented at the first Board of Directors meeting in each year. Makes all deposits and prepares checks for payment of all expenses approved by the Board of Directors; maintains records and custody of Club funds; and conducts such other financial business as required by the Board of Directors. Processes membership applications, renewals, and dues for membership. Authorized to open accounts at financial institutions at the direction of the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for changing all signature cards at such institutions to reflect accurately the current authorized co-signers. Shall maintain the financial records of the Club for a period of seven (7) years. Authorized to co-sign checks.


The Board of Directors establishes those areas that are important to the fulfillment of the Club’s purpose. Except for a position that requires service on the Board of Directors, one or more people may fill a position and one person may fill multiple positions. Non-Board positions may be left vacant. Additional positions may be established as the nature of the organization requires and the Board of Directors deems appropriate. The duties of additional positions will be written up and added to these Management Guidelines.

Competition Chair – Organizes the monthly and End-of-Year competitions. Appoints and serves on the Review Committee.  Has the authority to disqualify images from a competition if they do not conform to the guidelines for the category(ies) entered. Oversees tabulation and publishing to the membership of competition results; maintains competition records for five (5) years; orders ribbons and trophies as needed; prepares annual Awards Dinner program; submits an annual budget request and all expenses to the Treasurer. Also serves on the Advancement Committee and keeps the Vice-President informed concerning members who meet the requirements for advancement. (See Competition Rules, Section 4.0.) May be appointed to serve on the Board. (See Board of Directors, Constitution and Bylaws.) 

Program Chair – Plans educational programs for the second meeting of each month, February through October. May appoint special committees for developing seminars, workshops or other educational activities to benefit the membership, as a Club-sponsored community service, or as a fundraiser. May be appointed to serve on the Board. (See Board of Directors, Constitution and Bylaws.)

Judges Chair – Engages judges for the monthly judged competitions; instructs each judge with regard to Club judging expectations, including providing any written materials to the judge; when appropriate, hosts the judges for dinner and advises the membership as to where the dinner will take place; introduces judges to the members at the meeting; submits an annual budget request and all expenses to the Treasurer.

Projection Chair – Receives electronic images by the submission deadline for the monthly and end of year competitions; opens and closes submission screens on the competition website for members; provides access to competition screens for Review Committee members; sets up and operates digital display of submitted images at competition meetings; prepares and submits Club images in monthly N4C electronic competitions. Selects and trains members as back-up projectionists.


PSA Representative – Informs the Club as to all PSA programs and activities, maintains a supply of PSA membership applications, and obtains PSA materials and programs for the Club; submits an annual budget request and all expenses to the Treasurer.

N4C Representative – Informs the Club as to all N4C programs and activities and obtains N4C materials and program information for the Club, announces winners and distributes winner certificates at meetings, attends N4C competition meetings and announces results to membership.

New Member & Guest Coordinator – Puts out the guest book; welcomes individuals who are not members and provides them with informational handouts; introduces guests at the start of each meeting; provides new members with information about the Club, such as how to access the Club’s website, the Constitution and Bylaws, the Competition Rules and any other pertinent materials; generally assists in acclimating a new member to the Club’s activities; maintains an up-to-date membership roster; provides each revised roster to the membership; is available to members and guests to answer questions about the Club. May be appointed to serve on the Board. (See Board of Directors, Constitution and Bylaws.)

Field Trips Coordinator – Plans field trips for the Club and provides information about them to the membership. May coordinate carpool and dining arrangements. May be appointed to serve on the Board (See Board of Directors, Constitution and Bylaws.)

Keeper of The Scores – Acquires the competition results data from both SRPS and N4C competitions, updates the SRPS Scoresheet, and publishes the results to the membership at least monthly. Insures accurate tabulation that conforms to SRPS competition rules and updates the spreadsheet software with any changes made by the PhotoClubServices website to the data format. Maintains at least 3 copies (1 each to the Keeper, the Competition Chair and the Librarian) of the spreadsheet software’s SRPS scoresheet files along with a 5-year history of final End of Year scoresheets.  

Review Committee – Appointed by the Competition Chair as an advisory body, this committee consists of at least two (2) members plus the Competition Chair. The Review Committee reviews images submitted to each competition for conformance with rules for each category entered and advises the Competition Chair when a member’s submitted images do not conform to the category/ies entered and/or the competition rules. The Competition Chair notifies members of the lack of conformance and offers the opportunity to move the image to another category or have the image removed from the competition.  (See Competition Rules, Section 4.0.)

Exhibition Coordinator – Actively pursues possible venues for exhibitions by SRPS members in Sonoma County, presents such possibilities to the Board of Directors, and upon Board approval develops an exhibition plan; works with Publicity Coordinator to promote the exhibitions; assembles information on external exhibits and competitions members may enter and submits details to the Webmaster.

LBAGC Maintenance Committee Representatives (2) – Representatives assist the LBAGC treasurer to re-establish a maintenance and inspection program for the facility and to address facility-associated issues that arise.  They collaborate with team members to assess and address the facility for needed work (i.e., pest and roof inspection to maintain its integrity). They work with the gardening and plant groups that use the facility most often to demonstrate that SRPS appreciates the facility and that members are actively concerned about its well-being.

Raffle Coordinator – Sells tickets for 50-50 and prize raffles at regular Club meetings; for 50-50 raffles, divides the proceeds in half with one-half going to the Treasurer for deposit in the Club account and the other half to the winner of the raffle; for prize raffles, solicits photo-related prizes to award to raffle winners; determines cost of raffle tickets and discounts for multiple ticket purchases; maintains supply of raffle tickets.

Librarian/Historian – Maintains the library, keeping an up-to-date inventory of its contents; accepts donations to the library; monitors borrowing of library materials; budgets funds available for library purchases with the Treasurer and Board; determines what additions to the library would be beneficial to the Club and the cost of same, and proposes purchase of the materials to the Board for approval; archives all Club newsletters; maintains a set of PSA Journals and makes them available to Club members; adds any other materials pertinent to Club history.


Email Listserv Coordinator – Maintains an email listserv group accessible to SRPS members only, adding new members and deleting lapsed members as appropriate. Reviews emails for distribution to the listserv group to verify that the content is appropriate for distribution to the group.

House Monitor – Maintains the keys to the facility and to the cabinets within the facility that contain property belonging to SRPS; is familiar with the LBAGC rules concerning the use of the facility; opens and inspects the premises immediately upon arrival and makes note of anything amiss; reports problems to the designated LBAGC Representative or directly to the LBA&GC Rental Agent; sets up the facility in preparation for the meeting and makes certain that the facility is properly cleaned and closed at the end of each meeting.

Webmaster – Maintains the Club’s website presence on a variety of platforms, such as the SRPS website, Facebook, and Meet-Up, providing the community and potential members with information about the Club, including a calendar of events and field trip information. May share the responsibility with other interested members.

Newsletter Editor – Publishes and distributes the Club’s newsletter to current members monthly, by the first of the month if possible, except that December is optional. Any member whose dues are not paid in full on the last day of February shall not receive any additional Club newsletters or membership rosters until their dues are current. The newsletter is distributed to each member, or those who are exempt from paying dues, to the Librarian/Historian, and to any other Board-approved recipients. Submits an annual budget request and all expenses to the Treasurer.

Publicity Coordinator – Develops a publicity plan for the Board’s approval, including notices to newspapers and flyer distribution to stores or at events; submits an annual budget request and all expenses to the Treasurer.


Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center Representatives (two positions) – Attends all LBA&GC meetings, makes reports to the Board of Directors and obtains approval from the Board on any matter that legally commits SRPS. Reports any problems with the facility to the LBA&GC Rental Agent. May serve as a member of the Board.


Refreshment Coordinator – Circulates a sign-up list to obtain volunteers who will provide refreshments for each meeting; may purchase and/or prepare refreshments for meetings; maintains the kitchen supplies, such as plates, utensils, napkins and cups; keeps the key to the kitchen cabinet; makes sure the kitchen area is clean at the end of each meeting; submits an annual budget request and all expenses to the Treasurer.

Annual Awards Dinner Coordinator – Plans and carries out the Annual Awards Dinner held in December of each year, including location, menu selection and provisioning, and decorations; announces the date of the banquet to the membership, selects the caterer if one will be used, determines the budget needed to cover costs (food, tip, supplies, etc.); announces the cost to the membership; prepares sign-up sheet for banquet, including whether the member will bring an appetizer or a dessert; and establishes a decorating committee of volunteers and any other committees necessary to a successful event. Submits all expenses to the Treasurer.


For the benefit of future committees where information on prior events and contacts would be useful, current officers and chairs of the Competition, Judges, Field Trips, Newsletter, New Members & Guests, Exhibitions, Publicity, Awards Banquet, Programs and Advancement Committees will prepare an end-of-year report, with copies to committee files and the Board of Directors for inclusion in the Secretary’s archives. End-of-Year Outgoing Board members and Committee Chairs, as well as those in related positions, will describe their duties to their respective replacements. Incoming Board members and Committee Chairs will be provided with a copy of these Management Guidelines and the other current Governing Documents, together with all other files, documents or materials which are pertinent to the fulfillment of the position’s obligations.


All meetings of the Club are held at the Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center on Yulupa Avenue in Santa Rosa beginning at 6:30 PM.

Competition meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month, except that in January, competition meetings may be held on both the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month as needed to maintain alignment with the N4C competition calendar. Another exception occurs in November. The first meeting of November is the Al Palmer Field Trip Competition and the second, which falls on the Monday before the fourth Thursday, is the End-of-Year Preview Competition.

Program meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month, February through October.

The Annual Awards Dinner is generally held on the 2nd Thursday in December but may be scheduled on another day as necessary. At this dinner, awards are presented, officers installed, and the President’s annual report made available.


Annual membership dues are set by the Board of Directors. Supporting members pay $100 annual membership dues.  Full members pay $75 annual membership dues. Associate members pay $65 annual membership dues. Honorary members are exempt from the payment of dues. Any member whose dues are not paid in full as of the last day of February shall no longer be entitled to Club privileges.


Judges and guest speakers may be taken to dinner at the expense of the Club and paid a fee to be determined by the Board of Directors.


The Club may organize enrichment activities such as seminars, field trips, exhibitions and special projects, which augment the quality of the membership experience. These events are not covered by the annual budget; therefore, no costs for such events or projects can be covered by the Club.

The Vice-President, Exhibitions Committee Chair, Field Trip Chair or other authorized member will present for Board approval an overview of any proposed plan and an assessment of its financial considerations.

Field Trip participants will make their own reservations and cover all their own costs. With events such as seminars, exhibitions, or special projects, the costs will be divided among the participants. This participation fee will be due in advance. In the case of seminars or other high basic cost events, once a member has registered, the participation fee will not be returned if that member withdraws unless another member can be found to fill that place.

SRPS does not carry insurance for members or guests participating in field trips or events; thus, the organization does not accept any liability either for the safety or actions of members or guests involved in field trips or events or for any loss or damage to their property. Participants in these events accept as a condition of participation that Club insurance does not cover them. This information will be printed on the membership form and on any websites where field trips and other enrichment activities are posted.