August 27, 2020

Program Night, Two Masters Presentations

Club Critique Night
Sep 26 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The upcoming competition is the last of the year!

It is on October 14th. The critique night for it will be …….Sunday September 26th,  from 4 – 6 pm. I know that this date for critique is a week early, but I will be teaching a workshop in Oregon the following week. The categories for the last competition are: be Pictorial, Mono, Creative and Nature.

These critique sessions really work. Most of the time, a little tweak really can raise the impact of an image. It may be as simple as adjusting your crop or editing your title.

As a reminder, here is how the process works:

        – Please email me that you would be interested in getting up to 3 of your images reviewed. Also let me know what 15 minute time slot you would like between 4-6 pm

        – I will respond within a few hours and see if we can settle on a convenient time

        – No later than 2 days before the appointed evening, send me your images in the same format as you upload to competition

        – Also include your phone number and the image titles

– On the appointed time slot, I will call the number you gave me and we can discuss your images

– If I am running more than 5 minutes late, I will text or email you



SRPS Field Trip: Happy Dahlia Farm
Sep 28 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am

SRPS Extra 2021 Outing

Where             The Happy Dahlia Farm

Dates               Visit:                September 28

Upload:            TBD

Zoom:              TBD

Description     This little jewel is a place many of us drive by often and never get around to visit. Dahlias are a joy to shoot! There are hundreds of blooms at the farm, ranging from pompom to dinner plate variety. The farm is usually open for visitation from late August until late fall. We have a private visit!


 The gates will be opened at about 8 am and closed after we get in

– We have two hours of private shooting; we must be out before they open at 10

– In case there is pea soup fog, our back up date is the next day

Gear to bring It will be a short walk to your car so be experimental. As a bare minimum, bring your walk-around; a close-up if you have one; a tele if it lets you shoot macro. Bring a tripod because the rows are pretty wide. Bring a reflector/ diffuser if you have one. Bring or borrow a Lensbaby. Try focus stacking. Low settings on flash works well, too. Knee pads are a big help.

Directions Located on the Southwest corner of Adobe and Washington in Petaluma

After the outing If anyone is up for brunch, please let me know. I will set it up.

Zoom Meeting?  Let me know if you really want one for this. It is a fair amount of work to prep for a Zoom meeting. Take a pass on this one?


As a thankyou Could you please send some of your best images to the farm?

                        I will give you the address later.

SRPS Field Trip: Bay Area Bridges
Oct 1 @ 12:00 am – Oct 15 @ 11:45 pm

SRPS October 2021 Outing

Where             Bay Area Bridges

Dates               Visit:                October 1 – October 13

Upload:            October 13

Zoom:              October 15

Description     We are blessed with some of the most picturesque bridges in the country. You have two weeks to seek out and shoot one of them. Extra credit for not shooting the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge. Here is a list of the other bridges to consider.

                         Here are the details:

 The bridge you choose must be shot during the 9/10 – 10/13 window

– The images can be shot any time of day or night

– The shots can be taken as close or as far away as you wish

Gear to bring Hey, you are driving to these sites. It is up to you to decide what to throw in the car; please, no drones allowed.

Celebration dinner How about a lunch instead? No night driving. If you are interested, let me know.

After the outing, please sort through your images that you will post for the   Zoom meeting on the 15th; please have them uploaded by the 13th.



  1. Pick out a max of 5 processed images and upload them to the club’s competition site.

 2.Prepare these images to the specs you use to upload images for competition; see detailed instructions below.

  1. All images must be uploaded by midnight September 15.
  2. The host (Tony) will arrange them in Lightroom to prepare them for a Zoom meeting at the address shown on the Zoom Meeting tab in the SRPS web site.
  3. Bill Stacy will set up the Zoom meeting and act as co-host. The meeting will start sharp at 5 pm on September 17. There will be some social time first.
  4. The host/Tony will show all the images of one person at a time. The maker will narrate them. After that, there will be time for comments.


Details             Just like competition, go to the Visual Pursuits site, log in and go to the My Account tab and then to My Galleries




There you will scroll down to Field Trips Discussions; on the right, click on Edit and Upload images……. just like competition.


They then can either be pulled from your Library if you uploaded them there, or directly uploaded from another file location by drag and drop. The max is 5 images uploaded.



  1. NOT LIKE COMPETITION, title each of your images as: your last name and the number 1 through 5.


You are now done








Entries Due
Oct 6 @ 11:59 pm

Categories: Pictorial, Nature, Creative, and Monochrome

Judge: TBD

Oct 14 @ 6:30 pm

Categories: Pictorial, Nature, Creative, and Monochrome

Judge: TBD

Photo Competition with Ouliana Panova
Oct 14 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Categories: Pictorial, Nature, Creative, Monochrome

Judge: Ouliana Panova

Biography: I have only been photographing with artistic intent for a bit over a year and a half, but in that time I have become utterly enamored with the process. I shoot film and digital both, with a general preference for landscape and abstract compositions, but I am very fluid with my choices of lenses and apertures and focal lengths – and my poor spine is truly making me pay for lugging all this gear up mountains and into woods. Currently, I am on a deep dive into infrared photography, as I am fascinated with the effects of blending various spectra and capturing light unseeable by the human eye. I am fully self-taught, but my graduate education and current work in electron microscopy have provided me with a strong technical and theoretical background on the optics and image processing aspects of the craft. I have joined and am now running a small but growing online community of photographers focused on discussion, mentorship, and critique. I have truly launched myself into this art with unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity! You can find my work on Instagram, @panovanator.

Philosophy: To me, the success of an image lies in the efficacy with which it relays the artist’s message. I first focus on the effect of the image as a whole, be it emotional or cognitive, and then proceed to distill the contributions of the visual elements – color, composition, tone, subject… – to the intended (or resultant) response to the piece. I believe that all creative efforts are valid and deserve consideration, and thus I endeavor to take the time to give each piece placed in front of me valuable critique – emphasizing the positive, and potentially providing careful suggestions on how, in my opinion, it could be improved.  I have a very open mind when it comes to alternative processing, off-beat coloration techniques, unusual angles and other creative explorations – seeing as I partake so often in those myself – but appreciate and value the classical guiding principles of aesthetics as established by centuries of human art. I am a champion of varied and precise semantic expression, and solemnly swear to use my verbosity for good.

Entries Due for the N4C Portfolio Competition
Oct 18 @ 11:59 pm

N4C closes this competition on Nov. 1st. Our Competition Chair submits our entries to N4C.

In order for the Review Committee to review the entries and assist members with fine-tuning (titles, overview image, and statement of intent) in order to conform to the N4C rules, entries must be submitted by Oct. 18th at 11:59 pm.

N4C Portfolio Competition rules are here:

Portfolios will be previewed at the EOY Meeting on Thursday, November 11th.

Tim Clifton
Oct 21 @ 6:30 pm

Waterscapes and Capturing Waves