How to Submit a Sequence

There’s more than one way to upload an image sequence, this is just one way that will work if you follow the steps below.

Adding a Sequence to your Library

  1. Prepare your image files with the correct sequence titles before uploading them to your image library. This means you need to change the filename of your image on your computer, so it conforms to the sequence requirements.

    Image titles of a sequence are in the format of Sequence Title [number] Image Title, for example:

  2. Here is how this sample data looks in real life:

  3. Please make sure that the entire title for each specific image (Sequence Title + [1 of N] + the rest of the text) does not exceed 200 characters: If you are checking your title count with [1] as in the example above, you need to reserve another 5 characters, so your title using [1] can’t exceed 195 characters.

    Note that the competition website will check that your title doesn’t exceed 200 when you first submit an image, but it is not considering the additional characters added to a sequence, and if you go back to edit a title in your library, it will not be checked again.

  4. Once your sequence images have filenames as described above, log into the SRPS competition site and go to My Account -> My Image Library. Scroll down toward the bottom and select the Upload Images Button.

    Yes, there is an “Add an Image Sequence” button, but it doesn’t allow the option for selecting files from your computer, so we’re going to proceed with the normal imageupload. Don’t worry, the system will still pick up that you are working with a sequence.

  5. After clicking Upload Images, navigate to your correctly titled sequence images and select all of them, by holding down the control key and clicking each one, so that each image in your sequence has been selected and then click open.

    All of your images should appear, like this:

    Click on “Save Images and Proceed To Edit Page”.

  6. On the next page you will see that the competition software has perceived your intention to create a sequence. You will need to review each image and make some edits.

    Note that “Allow entry of an Image Sequence” is not checked. You need to check it for each of your sequence images.

    Yes, you may notice that there are no numbers showing between the square brackets here, or later on in the process. Not a problem, just how it is.

  7. Once you check the ‘allow entry of a sequence image’ box, you will be able to indicate the order of the sequence at the bottom. It will be zero to start, you need to type in the number you intended. In this case the smiling sun is #1.

    And so on…for the rest of your sequence images.

  8. When you are finished, click on “Save any changes…”

  9. You will be unceremoniously dropped back in your image library. It’s OK. Scroll down again toward the bottom of the page and click on “Display Recent Uploads”:

  10. You should see that your sequence images are present along with a purple square named (Image Sequence) that has a title of your sequence title.

    This purple square is the object that represents your series. When you want to submit your sequence to the competition, select this purple box from your library.

Submitting Your Sequence to a Competition

  1. From Competition, Submit Images to a Competition, select the competition andcategory that allows sequences. Then select “Add Images from my Image Library”.

  2. At the next menu, I used “Display Recent Downloads” again to find the series, as we did earlier.

  3. Select only the purple box that represents your series! Do not select the individual images.

  4. After checking only the purple sequence object, click on “Finished Selecting Images” andyou will be shown a confirmation page that has the actual images.

  5. Success! The sequence is entered. Note that you can finally see the actual numbering in the square brackets. Keep in mind that the character count limit of 200 applies to the full title as shown here.

Additional Notes:

Don’t name your sequence “My Sequence” – I did that for demonstration purposes only. Name your sequence something that makes sense for your sequence topic.

If you want an easy way to tell if you title has too many characters, use a website such as or where you can type or paste in your text and get a count of the characters (make sure to use a count that includes spaces).

Microsoft word can display your character count in the status bar (at the bottom of your document) as shown in the screenshot below. If your status bar doesn’t already show a character count, right click on the status bar and check the option for showing character count.

Download these instructions as a PDF