Program Night: Portfolio Reviews

Submit your Portfolios to the “2023 Portfolios for the Annual N4C Portfolio Competition” under Competitions > Submit Images To A Competition.
At this Thursday’s Program Night, ‘Team SRPS’ will view member portfolios and offer each other comments and critiques towards making the strongest possible entries. Final edits on portfolios must be completed by 10/29/2023 11:59 PM.

Field trip to Paso

Visit one of the best light shows in Northern California on your own during the entire month of November: It is an easy drive down there; the summer rates are over at the hotels and sunset is very early. If you time the trip right, the early morning shadows on the mountains to the west of 101 near King City are amazing.


Field Trip to the Dry Creek Valley

On October 11th, we will all meet at the Dry Creek General Store at 10 am for brunch. It is located a couple of miles south of the Lake Sonoma Dam (,-122.9367574,2203m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x80815536eaf007dd:0xc7e191194bbffeea!2sLake+Sonoma!8m2!3d38.759642!4d-123.0915605!16zL20vMDU1dzc0!3m5!1s0x80841aeaba79fed5:0xc6520661f240b2b7!8m2!3d38.6548614!4d-122.9217821!16s%2Fg%2F1tk6w3ql?entry=ttu).

Sunrise is at 7:14, so early birds can catch sunrise over the lake or point their cameras east towards the mountains. There is always a good chance for valley fog at this time of year. Later in the morning, there are plenty of vineyards with their fall colors to shoot.

Field Trip to Bees n Blooms

On September 27th, Mark Hullinger has secured a time for the club to have the exclusive use of Bees n Blooms ( from 4:30 until 7:00 pm, which is about sunset. Mark will guide the club through all of the garden locations, identify the critters that are there and give suggestions on camera settings. As an additional bonus, there are picnic tables there so members can bring adult beverages and snacks for consumption between shooting.

It is essential that you notify Tony if you plan to come.

Field Trip with drone demo by Steve Gibbs; trip to beach and then lunch

Steve Gibbs, the club’s Mr. Drone, will give an exclamation mark to his Masters Presentation by letting you see an actual drone demonstration. He will show assembly, pre-flight checks and actual flight. There may even be a chance to take control of one for a moment. If there is extra time, we can all go down to the water for some quick shots before lunch.

Here are the specifics: Meet at 9:00 am on September 16th in the Guerneville area. The club will be notified on the 15th about the actual location. This allows Steve top optimize the location depending on weather conditions. After that, we will meet at the Stumptown Brewery ( at 12:00 sharp for lunch. The club has eaten there before and it gets good reviews.

Field Trip/Social Meeting

On noon Saturday August 19 we will meet at Torches Restaurant (256 Petaluma Blvd in Petaluma). To gain entrance, a person must have 3 new images of different wine grapes shot with a camera or phone. NO NEED TO PRINT THEM!  In addition, each person may have some story about how they made these captures.

If you have questions, please contact Tony. 847-778-6989

If you are pretty sure you can make it, let him know so I can make reservations.