An Interactive Exploration of the New Photoshop 2024 Generative AI Tools with Nancy Goodenough (A final review of Portfolios follows)

October 26, 2023 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
vua Zoom

Whether you see Adobe’s new AI tools in PS 2024 are for good or evil, the new Generative AI fill and Expand tools are rather fun, useful and can provide inspiration.  Lots of ideas will be explored interactively with members during the program.

Nancy will demo the tools on her and your images, the layers she added in PS 2024, and some live work on images.

Consider looking through your images for any where an essential element was cut off, like the tail of a bird or the feet in that interesting street shot you grabbed,  or you’d like an element added for a more interesting image.

By October 19th, send a jpeg to Nancy Goodenough and she’ll see how many she can work through while interacting with those present, trying different ideas using the Generative AI tools.

(A final review of Portfolios follow Nancy’s presentation).

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