California State Fair in Sacramento

July 17, 2022 – July 31, 2022 all-day

SRPS Field Trip Update


As promised, the field trips for the club are going to be published on a three-month rolling basis. This will allow members to plan ahead and carpool together if they choose. In general, there will be two trips a month with an optional third one possibly thrown in. All of these trips will be eligible for adding images to the end of month Zoom meeting.

The time/date for each event is finite either because it happens one a specific date or because that way members can plan an event get-together. For those who can’t attend on the given date, just set up a convenient one for yourself that is close to the suggested date.

The end of month Zoom meeting will occur on the last Friday of the month at 5 pm. Now that this meeting will cover 2-3 events. A max of 6 images total will be allowed in the interest of saving time. Image prep and upload procedure has not changed. The meeting will be recorded so any member of the club can revisit the images later. As a reminder, these images that are there to be shared, not there to be critiqued.

The rolling schedule for the next 3 months will also appear on the club calendar.

Rolling Schedule

July      8          China Camp                                         8 am to 2 am

For scenics, get there early and avoid the crowds. Cooler too.

For the early birds, they can have brunch at 10m and leave; for the street   photographers, they can arrive at 10 for brunch and then shoot.


July      19        Salt Point                                             8 am to 12 am

Get there in the morning; a great deal to see. Meet at visitor center.

Little cell coverage.

Meet for lunch at Ocean Cove Bar and Grill at noon.

Stop at Ft Ross on the way home?


July      17        California State Fair                            7/17-7/31

Go on your own! Lots to shoot day and night


Aug      13        Gravenstein Fair                                 10 am-12am

Meet for lunch afterwards


Aug      24        Yountville Hot Air Balloons                 6 am (yup, six am)

Able to watch assembly, inflation, launch and usually recovery

Reward for getting up early: Bouchon Bakery! Yum!


Sept     10        Willits Roots of Motive                       10 am-12

Get together for lunch afterward


TBD                 Mare Island

Date is open; trying to set up a private tour

Lunch afterward at restaurant or brewery



JAR 6/26/22

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