Club Field Trip: Ferry Trip

March 15, 2024 all-day

SRPS March 2024 Field Trip

San Francisco by Ferry


Some of us are still emerging from Covid and continue to have our own individual sense of risk assessment. The flexibility built into this trip is to tailor it to your needs. If you are concerned, ride at off hours when the vessel is not as crowded.

Others have the fear of robbery in the city. One of our own club members experienced that. The suggested route on city arrival should mitigate some fears by staying around the ferry building and only venturing forth into the financial district which abuts the ferry slips. You can also call around and form your own posse.

The field event is scheduled for Friday March 15th. The Larkspur ferry will allow participants to leave as early as 6:35 and arrive at the Ferry Building by about 7:10. For people who feel early hours are for the birds, please arrive later in the day.

If you are an early arrival, it is suggested that you meet everyone in front of the main Golden Gate Transit Building in the rear of the ferry building, facing the street. From there, we can break into small groups and go off to explore the area. Later arrivals can check in with Tony to find out where the early birds have migrated to.


It is truly a target rich environment:

– meander the ferry building shooting the wares

– sit across the street from the building and capture some of the local fauna moving by

– walk the street and absorb the architecture

– and, when you are aboard, step to the ferry rail, and shoot the prisons,

the bridges, boat traffic and the city from the water


Around 11:30, we will all meet for lunch at Gott’s at the Ferry Building. Weather permitting, we can eat outdoors there. After lunch, people can either continue shooting or grab a ferry

back home. The return ferries run pretty much hourly.

Travel light; bring as little as possible so you walk longer and are less of a target for the occasional bad guy.

Please let me know if you plan to attend

And please remember, if the fog is heavy, you are a winner. EVERYTHING is different and more dramatic. Just wear an extra layer of clothes.

There will be a Zoom meeting at the end of the month to review February and March field trips.


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