Field Trip Zoom Meeting for Napa Lights

March 1, 2022 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Napa Lights

Where             Napa  Downtown Waterfront

Dates          Visit:                February 2/17-2/23

Upload:            2/26 close

Zoom:              3/1 at 5:00

Description:    The Napa Lighted Art Festival will run this year from 1/15- 3/13, mainly concentrated along the river. It is also fun to shoot the illuminated buildings at dusk, either up close or from across the river. The real photographic treat this year will be shooting giant lit dandelion sculptures at night.


 Parking should be pretty easy downtown around sunset on a week night.

– Try and get there by the blue hour; sunset that for that period is about 6 pm.

– We all know that weather can be iffy and you have other obligations, so there is a one-week window to shoot.

Dinner:    Dinner is cancelled due to the number of conflicting events and the fact that we would have to eat inside during the continued Covid issue. As the weather warms, and we can eat outside, it will no longer be an issue.

Gear to bring There will be some walking so pack light. As a bare minimum, just bring your walk-around lens and a tele. Don’t forget a tripod because of the low light. Check the forecast before you leave home for clothing selection.

After the outing, please sort through your images that you will post for the Zoom    meeting on 3/1; please have them uploaded by 2/26.


  1. Pick out a max of 5 processed images and upload them to the club’s competition site.
  2. .Prepare these images to the specs you use to upload images for competition; see detailed instructions in the email that was sent out announcing the event.
  3. All images must be uploaded by midnight September 15.
  4. The host (Tony) will arrange them in Lightroom to prepare them for a Zoom meeting at the address shown on the Zoom Meeting tab in the SRPS web site.
  5. Bill Stacy will set up the Zoom meeting and act as co-host. The meeting will start sharp at 5 pm on March 1st. There will be 15 minutes of social time first.
  6. The host/Tony will show all the images of one person at a time, and the maker will tersely narrate them. After that, there will be time for comments. Provisionally, each presenter gets a max of 10 minutes for presenting and getting comments.