Night Shoot at Lake Sonoma, or Photographic Distortion

May 16, 2020 all-day
Lake Sonoma Overlook or your own home
Trisha & Joel Brown

Again, because we don’t know yet when the shelter-in-place order will be lifted, we’ve developed two options for our second field trip in May.

Option 1: Night Shoot at Lake Sonoma (Cancelled)

The details for this event have yet to be worked out. Joel is working with the ranger at Lake Sonoma to identify the specific site for this activity and the beginning and ending times, so we’ll update this trip once those have been finalized. We’ll send out a list of the gear to bring and we’re hoping this can be a potluck event with a BBQ cookout for vegans and omnivores. Stay tuned…

Option 2: Photographic Distortion

Because the shelter-in-place orders haven’t been lifted enough to allow our night shoot at Lake Sonoma field trip, we will be going with option 2, Distortion. This is an in-camera distortion activity. It can be prismatic, intentional camera movement, multiple-exposure, or magnified. The only restrictions are that the distortions must be created in camera, not in post-processing.

Please RSVP to Trisha if you plan to participate.