Photo Competition with Lisa Rigge

February 10, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Pictorial, Journalism, Creative

Judge: Lisa Rigge

Bio: Lisa began taking photography courses at the MIT Photography Lab in Cambridge,MA. The lab had been founded by Minor White, and she studied both black and white printing and color slides. She studied at the lab for 2 years before moving to California. Once in CA, she continued her photography studies at Chabot College in Hayward and at UC Extension Santa Cruz. In addition, she took week-long workshops at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado and through the Santa Fe Workshops in New Mexico. She’s been attending an annual meeting of about 30-40 photographers who meet in King City or at a CA Mission to view the attendees’ portfolios. She’s attended this group, started by Al Weber (a renowned photographer and friend of Ansel Adams), for almost 30 years.

Philosophy: Lisa believes that beginning photographers need more encouragement and less criticism from a judge. Encouragement is given to inspire and motivate the love of photography for those who are new to the medium. Critique focuses on the details in the image, speaking to areas that are working well and to address areas that could be
improved. The difference between judging beginners and advanced club members is to encourage the beginners without being overly fussy, and to do a more in-depth critique of images in the advanced groups as their images are usually already well-thought out
and executed. Both can be fine lines to walk. Lisa also believes and suggests that photographers view their photographs as a means of self-expression first, and any need to impress others, especially the judge, be
secondary. One must please oneself first in order to develop one’s personal style. Once that’s developed, impress away!