May 23, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
Luther Burbank Arts & Garden Center
2050 Yulupa Ave
Santa Rosa CA

Introduction to Flash Photography by Gary Saxe

An active member of SRPS since 1990, Gary Saxe will be giving us an introduction to flash photography and the different modes the camera and flash have and how they work together. Emphasis will be on a removable flash (speedlite).
The second part of the program will cover creative ways to use those modes in your home and in the field.
There will be Q&A after the break, so bring your camera and speedlite for the Q&A portion of the evening.
Gary has researched Nikon and Canon but may be able to help with other camera models.
Gary is a very talented photographer and we are happy to have him share some of his technical and creative skills with us!