August 22, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
Luther Burbank Arts & Garden Center
2050 Yulupa Ave
Santa Rosa CA

On Thursday August 22nd, Roxanne Overton will present “The Art of Mindful Photography”


We all see photography that inspires us – photographs we aspire to make ourselves.  Roxanne will talk about techniques she uses to bring her photography to the next level and the next – and the next.  She will talk about the specific parameters she shoots within.  She will explain why photographs of kittens, grand landscapes, abstracts and race cars all fit within this formula.  There will be a lot of examples so that you can visually see what she explains.


She will also tell you about a recipe she carries with her and uses when she’s on the hunt for good photography.


Additionally, you will learn about a challenge she was issued several years ago regarding social media – and how she has met the challenge and exceeded it – and how it has escalated her work to levels beyond her imagination.  But be careful because if you attend, she will likely pass the challenge on to you!


Looking forward to hearing and seeing what our very talented friend Roxanne has to share! See you there!


The Program Committee