Sandhill Cranes and Birds

November 6, 2020 – November 30, 2020 all-day
Elizabeth Springs and Michael Funk

While the formal festival is canceled this year – the birds will still be arriving to their favorite places in Lodi and environs.  Since this is an outdoor activity, we encourage you to venture to Lodi with your bubble members for this self-guided Field Trip.

About the Cranes and links to everything Lodi Festival:

With the timing of this event, this year’s November field trip will be considered part of the 2021 Field Trip competition.

Worth noting: the 2021 Festival is scheduled for the first weekend in November.  Each year there is an art and photography juried exhibition.  If you get a fabulous shot – do consider an entry for the exhibition in 2021.

Viewing Tips:  Limit your movement – While feeding, some cranes will be on the lookout. Your close movement will cause the flock to fly away, using valuable energy reserves. Keep your distance to at least 400 yards.

Be quiet – While there may only be a few watching for you, they will all be listening for you.

Be patient – Once you get a good view, sit tight and you’re likely to see some interesting behavior.




Bird Sightings checklist: