SRPS Field Trip: Happy Dahlia Farm

September 28, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am

SRPS Extra 2021 Outing

Where             The Happy Dahlia Farm

Dates               Visit:                September 28

Upload:            TBD

Zoom:              TBD

Description     This little jewel is a place many of us drive by often and never get around to visit. Dahlias are a joy to shoot! There are hundreds of blooms at the farm, ranging from pompom to dinner plate variety. The farm is usually open for visitation from late August until late fall. We have a private visit!


 The gates will be opened at about 8 am and closed after we get in

– We have two hours of private shooting; we must be out before they open at 10

– In case there is pea soup fog, our back up date is the next day

Gear to bring It will be a short walk to your car so be experimental. As a bare minimum, bring your walk-around; a close-up if you have one; a tele if it lets you shoot macro. Bring a tripod because the rows are pretty wide. Bring a reflector/ diffuser if you have one. Bring or borrow a Lensbaby. Try focus stacking. Low settings on flash works well, too. Knee pads are a big help.

Directions Located on the Southwest corner of Adobe and Washington in Petaluma

After the outing If anyone is up for brunch, please let me know. I will set it up.

Zoom Meeting?  Let me know if you really want one for this. It is a fair amount of work to prep for a Zoom meeting. Take a pass on this one?


As a thankyou Could you please send some of your best images to the farm?

                        I will give you the address later.