SRPS Rail & Windfarm Field Trip

April 9, 2022 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm

SRPS April 2022 Outing:  Railroads and Windmills 

Where             Western Railway Museum

Dates               Visit:                April 9, 2022

Upload:            April 14, 2022

Zoom:              April 15, 2022


Introduction   I went to the Museum last weekend to check it out. The drive was very easy and the traffic was light in the morning. Parking is a breeze and admission was $14. The restrooms were sparkling and there was a snack bar on premises. Staff were really friendly and very helpful. The exhibits, for old-time residents of the Bay Area, are amazing, showing local cities as rural bergs. I even got to ride an electric trolley on a 5-mile track. They even stopped so I could shoot the car from beneath the trestle.

Description     The main event is scheduled for April 9th at 10:30 when the museum opens. The Western Railway Museum is a little jewel that is on Route 12 a little east of Suison. There is a ride, lots of old rail cars and tons of “stuff”. Most definitely a fun place to shoot. In addition, just down the road from there is a giant wind farm where you can get really close to the structures. As an extra, the whole place is hopping with jack rabbits and I saw a fair number of well-fed raptors.

                        It is about a 60-mile trip to the museum from Petaluma. In the interest of saving gas, ride sharing is suggested. I plan to go on April 9 and hope some of you will join me; we can find a place for lunch on the way home. For everyone else, there will be a 1-week window to shoot from April 2 to April 10th. Images must be uploaded by April 14 and the Zoom meeting will be at 5 pm on April 15.

Since you are going by car, load up whatever equipment you want. The parking area I right next to the entrance. Any lens you bring can be used from macro textures, to tele’s for raptors; to whatever for big sweeping pano’s. But he most important things are sunscreen, hats and water.

Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Information on the follow-up Zoom meeting is posted on the club website.