Exhibit Participation

The Exhibition Committee is pleased to announce a new exhibition for members. This is an online exhibition that will be done through a Zoom meeting on December 10, 2021.

Here is the information on the first new member exhibition.

  • One image per member. Select an image that you are proud of, and it may include those that you have already shown in competition.
  • No judging of the image.
  • No theme.
  • This is a Zoom event where we are logging in on December 10. We are not gettingtogether in one building.
  • Enter image on the SRPS competition site listed as non-competitive with the event dateof December 10.
  • Image must be entered by November 26, 11:59pm.
  • Complete the 200 character information section to describe your image and why you tookit. Since the metadata will be shown, you do not need to include the technical data in yourdescription.
  • Attend the showing of the exhibition on December 10 from 6:30pm to approximately8:30pm. Be prepared to talk about your image. You need only spend about 30 seconds doing so. If you cannot attend, then Steve Muench or Tim Allen will be in contact with you to record a brief statement about your work beyond the 200 character information section. This will be included in the Zoom event on December 10. Please let Tim Allen know, if you cannot attend as far in advance as possible.
  • The exhibition will be recorded and available for viewing after December 10 on the SRPS website.
  • Non-members and guests will be encouraged to attend the Zoom event (yes, we are planning to have a name for the exhibition) via news releases sent out by the Exhibition Committee.
  • Consider selling your image. Proceeds from the sales go as a fundraiser for the club and are tax deductible. Sale prices will be determined by the member. All sales are done through the member and the buyer. Since this is on line you could consider selling it as print and have the buyer do the framing. That is up to you, but your price needs to be clear as to what the buyer is getting. For example: $100 for print only. The price should be included in the 200 character description. If not for sale, please put NFS in the description. An image can be sold more than once. If so, you should consider a limited edition with say 25 images represented as 1/25, 2/25, 3/25, etc.
  • Steve Muench is working on making an application to SmugMug for a SRPS gallery where this exhibition would be featured, and if approved for the two highest levels, we could sell images online with the proceeds going to SRPS. Nick Allen is also has a draft prepared of a gallery for members’ photographs. Our SmugMug gallery would be linked to the SRPS website. With SmugMug you can op in or out of selling your images.

This should be a fun activity, and really requires little effort from each member. The committee encourages you to participate.

Login to the SRPS competition site to submit your image.

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