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SteveM CompChair

    Hello All,
    My name is Steve Ruddy. I joined n 2019 so I’m a fairly new member. I’m 65 and got into photography out of necessity for my aquaculture business. This led to a real interest in photography which I never had when I was young.  My father taught me photography, including film developing, and making prints. However I didn’t do anything beyond his training until I needed photos of products I was selling online. My wife purchased me my first digital camera for that purpose and photography became something I wanted to do more. Next thing you know I have a photography business. I have a new studio and still do professional work and am a Canson Certified Print Lab. On the personal side  I am a very active in film photography and have a new darkroom. I getting much better with film, but have a long way to go until I get close to feeling like I have a real handle on it!