Reply To: 4×5 for Landscape

SteveM CompChair

    Wow, that’s quite a setup.  I know nothing about these cameras but would love to learn more.  With all the myriad of buttons and dials on modern DSLRs, I’m curious how you control exposure, DOF, etc. with a camera like this.  Perhaps a show-and-tell at an in-person SRPS social event?

    Hi Phillip,
    I would be more than happy to show off the 4×5! If your interested in flowers our Rhododendrons are in bloom and the SRPS members have an open invitation for the season. you decide to visit I could show you the camera. If enough are interested I could do a demo for the club as well.
    Basically the lens is mounted to the shutter which is all assembled on a removable lens board. I open the aperture all the way compose and focus on the ground glass in the rear. Then close down to shooting aperture to check DOF and focus again. After that the film holder is slid into place, dark card removed, and exposure made!  So far I have only shot black and white film, but just purchased some color negative and transparency film to try out. FWIW a single color image can cost you $15 depending on film type. This will definitely force me to take my time, and do everything I can to make the shot count!