Reply To: Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds NM, 2011

terry connelly

    I really enjoy the composition of this work Nancy. You have chosen a very effective composition. the composition brings in all the elements of the scene and guides me around to each so that I feel I am there. The many triangles create a map for me to follow. Like Steve, I found the work rather flat. the light Steve added helped me move through the scene better. It gives me a place to rest and appreciate. I know your work is generally darker and for the most part that works exceedingly well. It often paints a picture of a storm as you have here. How far in any work does that go before the darkness becomes the message and scene itself becomes lost in that darkness. Here I see a vast landscape full of remarkable color and form. Instead of being able to really appreciate that though I am lost to the darkness. I suggest relooking at how the heavy contrast in this work effects the overall work. What is you goal here? What do you want your viewers to come away with?