Reply To: Ps Special Effects


    Nancy, you may recall that I’ve been using Optics a lot. I got it at the introductory price…apparently the price has gone up substantially. The Yakima Train was done in Optics. The shadow was done in Affinity Photo.

    Hmm. I did look at Boris FX Optics when Terry talked about it and I thought it was too oriented towards adding wham-zap special effects that I didn’t create. Now that I’m not competing anymore, and learned how to use some special effects in Charlie Ginsburg’s composite class, I may be interested. Reading the PetaPixel article also makes it sound worth trying:

    Looking at the system requirements for the 2022 version, they do support Mojave OS, so that’s good for my Mac Mini. Says it’s resource-intensive and probably okay for the desktop. I’m interested. I may wait until the 2023 permanent version is available to get a full year support and updates, taking a chance that they will still support Mojave.

    A shadow in the Yakima train window is among the ideas I had in mind when I posted it, now thinking maybe a knife-wielding shadow, so thanks very much for the sample. I added the shadow in my Rex Hotel image using PS CS6 , and will move to actually using Affinity Photo more in good time.

    Thanks for another look at Optics. It could be a lot of fun. And useful.