Reply To: Forum font size

SteveM CompChair
    On Steve Muench said

    With my recent post to the general discussion forum where I took screenshots of my email and attached them to the post, on my iPhone the font sizes are very close in appearance.

    As the monitor that I use with my desktop is 8 feet away, the default font requires me to zoom-in in order to read it. Reading the attached images is at a very comfortable size, and is comparable to that nice font used when quoting.

    Can we increase the default font size to be proportionally closer to the font size used for quotes?It would go a long way towards reducing the need to zoom in and out. It also would be much easier on those of us who are not able to read such a small font size easily.

    Last week I increased the size from default to match the existing website font size. Looks like the actual post could use larger too. I will increase size of fonts for forum again. Let me know how you all like or dislike the new size.

    UPDATE, I increased the font size on the main forum page here If you like it, I will match the size for posts as well. This will require me to wrote some custom code, so I may not get to it until Monday at the latest.