Reply To: Forum font size

Steve Muench

    It’s probably not readily apparent, but since I could not manually make fonts larger in my post (or change fonts), I composed the topic in my email program and took screenshots of that. The behavior that you see when you hit the + & – is what you see happen to images. It becomes clearer if you try to select text – you can’t. When I viewed this topic on my big screen from 8 feet away, it was very easy to read.

    For me, especially at night, it is a real strain on my eyes to read black text on white. I wonder what it would take to have the forum’s appearance match the dark mode/light mode settings.

    if and when the font size changes for posting, I will edit and replace the images with text.

    I need to hook up my desktop (I’m doing this on my iPhone) so that I can view the main forum page and review the font size change.