Reply To: How to easily find NEW and RECENT posts?

SteveM CompChair

    My question is whether there are features I’m not able to find.

    1. On another forum we had, a nice feature was to show only all the NEW posts since the last visit. I had that link to NEW POSTS as a bookmark on my toolbar so I could just go to see what has newly arrived. Is there a way to do this here? I thought I saw it here somewhere, but can’t find since.

    2. I’d also like to see clicking the last column that is titled ‘Last Posts’ to result the most RECENT posts show at the top in descending order. Yes, I can look down and see which was in the last few days or hours or minutes, but would find it even more useful if I could reorder by time. If possible to make that column work that way.

    Thanks for all you’ve done to get us this robust new Forum,


    This is a free Forum Plugin and all features are activated.  I’ve donated $60 for the drag and drop image upload and full size lightbox viewer. This will go away in a year unless the club wants to renew the feature. New posts can easily be found by looking in the right column on the Forums Page. Clicking any post will take you to it. I will eventually write some code that will show a button for New Posts that will be specific to the individual users activity. Number two is not possible without writing code either, and I would like to get a poll on that feature to see how many would like the same feature. In any event I won’t be able to do that for awhile.