Reply To: Social Gathering Discussion

terry connelly

    Here is the latest on the First Social Gathering Potluck to be held at Ragle Range on June 19th at noon.

    We have rented the area known as Lions Grove Picnic Area. Lions Grove is below the tennis area. The site can sit up to 50 members. If you have a regional parks pass parking is free otherwise parking is $7.  Map

    Hope we can make this a wonderful opportunity to get together in a social setting, get to know each other better and learn something as well.

    It will help us to know the questions below so please take the time to answer them and send back to me. Do not hesitate to email me privately at Please do not send out as a reply all.

    Thank you


    So far we have 11 who have responded that they will be attending. 4 of those use Sony mirrorless, 2 Nikon, 2 Canon mirrorless, and 2 Olympus. I am looking forward to learning more from members who share my camera and I hope others of you are also.

    Plan to attend:


    Dish I plan to bring:


    Camera Brand, EF or mirrorless: