Reply To: Mike’s email and the discussion of NC

Michael Funk

    What I took away from the responses is there is a lot of support for NC and it is becoming more popular.  Quite frankly I don’t see it being done away with.  As I said in my message  we need to make sure members are aware of new posts and critique requests on this forum.  If we can find a way to do that, this forum will probably become better utilized for all the topics as well as Critique.  Hopefully this will be possible.  The bottom line is we need to make our meetings shorter.  Perhaps we do NC first and then competition, I don’t know.  I received and email this morning that suggested we do the following:

    Start meeting promptly, no messages at beginning
    Break times strictly kept
    Keep judges on task
    Only 1st places discuss their photos
    1 photo from sequence only
    No fiddling with Zoom…test ahead

    These are good and workable ideas, I am hopeful the board will tackle this issue soon.