Reply To: Mike’s email and the discussion of NC


    Hey, I finally was able to get on the Forum and log in!  That took several tries and I know others who have had difficulty too.  Perhaps as we all get use to the forum it will become more of a habit.  One can hope.

    I am in favor of keeping NC as I don’t believe it would shorten the meetings to get rid of NC,  unless those in NC no longer submitted images.  No one wants THAT to happen!  Mike has suggested other ideas to shorten meetings.  That said I have enjoyed enormously from our competitions over the years and continue to learn from them.

    Our hard working volunteers who run the meetings do a fantastic job!  A few glitches here and there are minor and to be expected.  I have heard other clubs have not survived Covid.  That we are still here and active is a huge testament to these volunteers who figured out how to Zoom our meetings effectively with the leadership of Joel and the rest of the board is nothing short of wonderful.  That we discuss these issues is good too.