Reply To: Do we need to know?

terry connelly

    Not all art has the same expectations. In realistic styles, I might expect to “know” or recognize “what it is.” In abstract art, I have no such expectation. To judge everything by the same expectations show a lack of artistic background and understanding in my view. I think there are still artistic principles that are important in any work of art. Composition, Color theory, and an understanding of tonal quality, intentional focus, etc. are all far more relevant to any work than any need to “know what it is” in my view.

    As to this work, I find the different textures in it intriguing. My mind does explore recognizable possibilities such as an umbrella or an eye. In the end, though that is unimportant and I can appreciate it for its artistic merits. I think the image has some magic and leaves me questioning however I am pulled out of the frame at the sides. The balance here is not working for me even though I am intrigued by the center.