Reply To: Who are we taking photographs for?


    Thanks, Mike,  for this discussion.  I have had this discussion with myself for a long time.  I feared that if we all follow the “rules” of what makes a great photograph (as defined by what images win then our photos)  would all begin to look alike.  Yet that has not been the case for when in competitions I can say that’s Mike or that’s Ronnie…I see that we do develop our own styles and favorite subjects and ways of attaining a certain “look”.   For a long long while I was able to ignore the  “what will win” voice and just play within the bounds of the club structure and  of the photographers that I grew to know and respect.  Suddenly I advanced within the group just when I was really letting go of ‘wanting to win” curiously.  Now in Masters I am more and more selecting Critique/Feedback so that I feel  freer to experiment and try what pleases me.  I am SO glad that we have kept that category!  While competing I surely learned a lot from the journey along the way and now it is good to be free.  Mike I am glad you continue to explore who you are as a photographer for I enjoy all your images and postings.  I bet those athletes and youth love having your images.