Reply To: AI Lets get real

terry connelly

    As I am understanding what you have said, all the photos you are talking about were yours. The program basically takes your photos and given the directions you have put into the program arranges those photos in several different renderings.

    We have available to us many programs that take a photo and apply a filter or rearrange the pixels. One such would be Topaz Impressions. In this I find similarity. The difference and I think it is a big difference is that with such programs as Topaz, YOU are making the artistic choices that create a final product. The YOU does not seem to be present in the AI programs. Yes, you are telling it what to do, but IT is making the choice on what the final product is.

    I think the creativity comes with the human factor, the decisions that a person makes to get to the end they envision. With AI it seems to me that has been handed over to a machine to dictate. Now for something like spell check, medical advancements, and many other areas AI is being explored, I see no problems. I think though when we let any other identity human or otherwise make those artistic decisions for us we have given up the very thing that makes art valuable. It is the experiences of the human factor that has gone into any work of artistic creation. I may let a machine spell for me, but I am not ready to let it speak for me or create my artistic vision.