Reply To: AI Lets get real


    “I agreed with everything but the last paragraph you wrote Phill. Even if AI allowed us in the future to specifically select the photos that would go into what we are working on, It, not us would still be creating the toothpaste. I could see asking for a car say and AI going through our library to show us all the cars there. ( It can do that now I believe ) If then we select the car and proceed from there to make a work …………. well that is, I think different.”

    Terry, I probably wasn’t clear enough with my example, but I do agree with your last two sentences above.

    On a related subject, Adobe’s “Content Credentials” might eventually provide a way to attach documentation to our images that includes our source file data and all editing steps, including use of AI.   Currently it is in beta.  Read more at:

    – Phil Hann   (not “Hahn” ?)