Reply To: The New Lightroom


    I too, follow Matt K and have purchased many of his courses. I purchased his new one, “Evolving with Lightroom.” His course, gave me insights to the benefits and distractors of using Lightroom (Lr) vs. Lightroom Classic (LrC). I agree with Tony that I’m not ready to switch from LrC. My main reason is the limited search capabilities of Lr. I have seven drives hanging off of my Mac, and I need access to all of them. However, I Iagree with Matt that Adobe Lightroom products are evolving. I suspect that Lr will evolve to include broader searches and the more extensive use of keywords. As a note: Matt posted a video apologing for t advertising his new course the way he did.
    I use Lightroom Mobile on my iPad when I travel. It has even more limitations than Lr. I’ve learned to live with it and take as many advantages as I can for what it has. Since I’m using my iPhone 14 Pro Max for almost all of my photography, and it has the advantage of syncing with my iPad. It is also easy to transfer images to Lr Mobile from Photos, both on my iPad. I may try using the web-based Lr as an alternative to Lr Mobile. Knowing that was one of the benefits of getting Matt’s “Evolving with Lightroom” class.