Reply To: The New Lightroom


    Tim, I think that the reason LR can’t search across all your images is because they aren’t gathered together in a ‘catalog’ like LR Classic. Having to import into a catalog or sync it is the pain, but it’s what gives us the ability to see across different drives, even when a drive is not connected. Doesn’t mean Adobe won’t find some new magic way to do so in the future though, but that future isn’t now.

    So, I stick with LR Classic. And for many of the reasons I list in my previous post. History. Jeesh. I use that all the time. Does LR do snapshots? That’s an important part of my LR Classic workflow. Collections across all images. Color labels. Virtual copies. Nope.

    I’m also using my iPhone 14 Pro Max mostly now for new images. Will look at what the 2024 iPhone version will bring and see if ready to upgrade so fast, but the tech is moving fast and it’s pretty darn exciting. I’m awaiting mail to bring a 720nm IR filter next week. May try the 10x macro lens from Moment too. n