Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?


    Yeah. It’s hard to get people to start to use this resource. Replying All in emails may be annoying to some, it is the most expedient way to have a conversation.

    I check the box to receive follow up replies here which keeps me in the loop that there’s been a reply. But I don’t know about new entries unless I come here to the Forum.

    I would love for the Forum to be an effective tool. Marin Photo Club uses the comp site for their Forum and even their big club doesn’t have a very active forum participation on it.

    One thing they do do is have a number of active SIGs. Special Interest Groups. Street Photography. Salons! Macro. Print. Many subjects. Organized by members who want to start and run a SIG. Some meet in person and some by Zoom. Many limit the number in a group. I’ve been waiting to get into a Salon SIG.