Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?

Herbert Gaidus

    I concur with Tony on the fiscal responsibilities/impact of owning a “fine art” printer, and have to admit that in the first year of ownership I was intimidated by it and probably wasted more ink on the maintenance cycles from disuse, than I did putting ink on paper. You really need to use these beasts regularly in order to get a reasonable yield from your ink.

    Fast forward one year later – I think I’ve got this thing basically figured out, and am using it at least once a week with far less wasted paper than in the past.

    I find that it has helped me judge and improve my image processing by an order of magnitude. Coupled with the sheer satisfaction of producing a tangible item of “art” that doesn’t need electrons to view I know that I will never stop printing.

    Ed, I like your idea of lunch at Handline and will get there with some images as soon as we can schedule time together. We should probably wait till after the “atmospheric river” passes, and then I’m afraid I’ve got 10+ days to the east side and Death Valley planned.

    When I get back we can repost a time and place to the club at large, and see who else would like to participate.

    Handline is great Ed, maybe I can coerce Paul B to join us if the schedules work out.