Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?


    Man I am so ready for a Death Valley trip!! Very jealous!


    As Tony mentioned above, printing can be costly and time consuming. It brings us back to the question of why are we printing?
    For me, when I started to see my photos in print, it finally made my efforts as a photographer complete. Even before I printed my own, I used The Lab in Santa Rosa for prints. I still do for very large prints. Seeing the photos on paper I discovered that there was much more to see and learn from when looking at them. Much more than on a screen. I can hang up a test print on the wall and study it over several days and let it tell me what it wants.
    For a while I had a small office across from my main business off just for printing and I started to print a lot. Now I am moving the printer into my spare room at my house. I have just a few ducks to get in a row and I can start printing again. I keep them in a flat file ready for matting and framing. This way I can be ready for when there is another club show or other venue for hanging.
    Printing has made me a better photographer and I justify the expense as a tool for my growth as an artist. Just like the investments we make for a nicer lens or camera. And, it is a fascinating world! A world of paper profiles, types of ink, proper monitor and printer calibration, color space, etc.
    Perhaps later on I will feel the draw to look into galleries or venues for selling but not now. I am content. I just invested in a great monitor and in a few months a new printer. I want to be able to print 16×20. ┬áIt is also great that the new printers do not clog like they used to.
    Enough of my rambling,