Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?

Herbert Gaidus

    Just for the record, I’m posting an email from Cindee Beechwood on how the Marin Photo Club works. It may provide some food for thought.

    Hi Herb:

    I thought that I would reply to you directly about MPC.  I have been on the MPC Board for six years and am familiar with how the Club operates.  If you want to post something to the SRPS VP site, please feel free to copy or edit this response.

    Currently, Marin Photo Club (MPC) offers 4 Salons and 8 SIGs; all of which are held on Zoom. The SIGS were created during COVID as a means to offer a way for members to get together.  They have become very popular, and many members now prefer the SIGs over competitions primarily because club rules usually do not apply, critiques are offered by one’s peers and getting together functions as a social event where one can get to know other Club members.  SIG groups include analog processing, creative, mobileography, landscapes, macros, monochromes, portraits, street and wildlife photography.  Some SIGs have become so popular that for certain topics there are two SIGS and may have a waiting list.

    There are no SIGS that are offered for Print.  Since members participating in a SIG are limited to 12 people, the cost to rent a room to hold such a SIG does not make financial sense for such a small group; especially if there were many multiple print SIGs.

    MPC offers three different meetings per month:  Projected competitions, Education nights and Print competitions.  Projected competitions and Education nights are held on Zoom and a member must be present to win for the Projected competitions.  Print competitions are held in-person and members must be present to win.

    I hope that this helps.  Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.