Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?

Herbert Gaidus

    OK – Cindee has provided more good information on how SIGs work in the Marin Photo Club.

    I’m copying it here so all interested parties can stay in the loop, and as a reference when we are trying to figure out our next steps.


    Hi Herb:

    A few things I may not have mentioned about MPC SIGs and Salons in my previous email

    SIGs are held monthly and usually last about 2 hours
    Group size is limited to 12 participants
    Images shown are usually 2 to 3 photos per participant

    I don’t want to be a naysayer because I like the idea of print SIGs, but here are some things to consider for Print SIGs.  You are welcome to post these on the SRPS forum if you think this useful.

    SIG Topics:  Should it be one SIG where anything goes?  Should it be specific to categories, i.e., landscape, monochrome, wildlife, which means several SIGs
    SIG Meetings:  How often do the SIGs meet and for how long?
    SIG Group Size:  Should be small so to be useful to the participants.  If too many participants, then less prints can be shown per participant.  Viewing of prints by too many participants may be difficult if everyone cannot adequately see the print.  The more participants the less discussion can be held about a print image.
    SIG Costs:  Need to consider a venue(s) to hold print SIG(s) and the cost of room rentals.  (This can get pricey if several SIGs were held per month.)  Would need a rack(s) to display all the prints to be reviewed.  Would need an easel or single display to hold the image being reviewed.
    SIG Set-up/Take-down:  It does not seem like a big deal, but someone would need to store display racks, and set them up and take them down for each SIG meeting.
    SIG Leader(s): For every SIG held, there needs to be a leader and, or a co-leader who is in charge of coordinating the meeting and communicating with the participants.
    SIG Members:  There needs to be a commitment for members to actively participate on a regular basis and not just drop-in when convenient. Members should offer constructive critiques and not be hurtful or offensive.
    SIG Prints:  Printing can be difficult if someone does not have access to a printer or matting material.  Since Costco no longer does printing, it can be more expensive and not as easy to have prints made.  Prints should conform to a minimum size.

    I don’t think I need to discuss the benefits of a print SIG because they have already been discussed by other members.

    I hope this is useful,