Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?

Herbert Gaidus

    OK Bill,

    That sounds great! We can make it up as we go along.

    Before we get together in person to look at prints, I’ll post a general message to the group to see if anyone else is interested in attending.

    Regarding the printing workflow…. after about a year of fooling around, and two books on the subject, 20 Youtube videos, I finally think I have got this thing reasonably figured out.

    There are a lot of little steps, but all are vital for good results.

    At this point I can edit an image on screen, and with 95% certainty get a print that matches the screen.

    However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect since after a few days of viewing the print in different light, I usually figure out something that I could have done better. But that is not the fault of my printing,, just my processing. The image on screen is the same as the image on the print.

    I’d like to go over my methodology and see if it works as well for others.