Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?

Herbert Gaidus

    Just a few bits before we can meet in person.

    Some things to consider include the monitor brightness, and the way to view prints to judge their accuracy.

    I’ve calibrated my 3 monitors for SRGB, D65, and only 80 for brightness. Maybe 90 would be ok too, but this worked for me.

    Even with a super 4k BenQ Adobe RGB monitor, I’m printing in SRGB.

    My room has 6k bulbs, and a small led desk lamp at 5 or 6 k that is dimmable to evaluate prints.

    Start with the OEM paper that came with the printer.

    I fooled with soft proofing and simulating paper and ink in Lightroom and now ignore it all.

    Make a test print using Bill Atkinson or Kenneth Cooper using SRGB, relative colorimetric, and letting the printer manage color on the OEM paper.

    This should look great, and now you just need to adjust the relative brightness is your room, evaluation lamp, and monitor so wisywig.

    Last step is to do a black point and white point evaluation and use curves or other means to avoid crushed blacks, and blown highlights

    Good luck!