Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?

Herbert Gaidus

    It is Good to see some enthusiasm for Printing!

    I truly believe that it has helped me personally improve my photography more than any new camera or lens ever could.

    Ed, you now will have pretty much the same setup that I use. I’ve got the BenQ SW271 and love it as well. After my off-road 4Runner, the Pro-1000 is my favorite “Toy”

    Jennifer, that is great news about getting them both delivered and set up at the same time.

    With at least 2 new Pro-1000 users I am sure that I can help you save maybe the year and $$?? it took for me to get confident printing images.

    I like the idea of a regular review  meeting  of a Printing SIG to evaluate each others efforts in person. I’m mosting working from Photo books to compare my work.

    Regarding books, I bought Jeff Schewe The Digital Print and Fine Art Printing for Photographers by Steinmueller and Gulbins but I would not recommend getting them at first.

    I can bring them for you to borrow if needed. Most  of the information is pretty technical and dated, and would be best after you have your first 100  prints done.

    Mid March sounds like a good time to get together. I’ll see if I can find some images to bring.