Reply To: Printing Images – SPRS Participation?

Herbert Gaidus

    Hi Ed and those with an interest in printing,

    I would try the following, in the exact sequence described.

    1. Calibrate the monitor to D65, 2.2 gamma, and a very lowish brightness of somewhere between 80, 90, or maybe 100. My BenQ is at 80, but 90 might be good too.
    2. Don’t Use Adobe RGB to start – Do step One with SRGB calibration – The gamut of the test print should fit with SRGB, and if you have multiple monitors, they might be calibrated for SRGB and it is easier to balance them all, and see if one goes off
    3. Load the Test Image into Lightroom Develop Module – hit soft proofing key S
    4. On the top right side under the Histogram – Make sure the Profile is the correct Paper and Printer that you have – maybe be best to start with OEM Canon Pro Lustre for Canon
    5. Under that is Intent – Either will technically work, but I am only using Relative Intent for now. For me, if I use Perceptual, the image on the screen brightens too much – the Relative gives me a better match with Paper.
    6. DO NOT Simulate Paper & Ink – it just screws up the image, and made me make necessary adjustments that just screwed up my prints. This was key, and went contrary to much advice on the Internet.
    7. Push the Create Proof Copy to make a virtual copy for that combination of Printer, Paper, and Rendering Intent.
    8. Now enter the Print Module with the Proof  Copy, and make if fit within a Letter Size Paper
    9. Hit the Page Setup on the Lower Left Side to enter the Canon Printer Dialog – First set the Correct Paper Size and Feed Orientation
    10. Hit Properties for the Printer, and make sure that Color/Intensity Manual Adjustment, and Black and White Print is UnChecked – we want the Printer to manage colors for this test print – I also use Borderless Printing
    11. In the Print Job Box, Print to Printer, Print Resolution 300 for Canon, maybe 360 for Epson, Print Sharpening for the Lustre is Standard and Glossy Media Type.
    12. Color Management Profile is Managed by Printer… We can change this later after getting this print to match the screen.
    13. Now take the print and see how well it matches what you have on the screen. You might need to get something like this for $16. I have one on the printer and one under the monitor at the coldest setting, and level 2 brightness.
    14. See how well the brightness matches what you see on the screen in the develop module from your original. Tweak your room, local lighting, monitor brightness to make sure that the brightness level works well and that for brightness WYSIWYG!
    15. You can use this link to evaluate the print details
    16. The colors should all be good, as should the overall brightness, and you will be 90% done!
    17. The final tweaks is making adjustments for the limited printing capability of the darkest darks, and whitest whites, but that is another whole topic for another day.

    Good Luck, and Have Fun!