2022 Completed Field Trip list

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    Tony Reynes

      January          None

      February        Napa Lights

      March            Ferry and town

      April              Railroad and wind farm

      May               Sawmill and American Graffiti

      June              Pride, Heritage Salvage, Russian River Rodeo

      July               China Camp, Salt Point and California State Fair (optional)

      August           Sonoma Fair, Gravenstein, Yountville Balloons, Preston Castle (optional)

      September     Willits, Mare Island

      October          Yountville Hot Air Balloons/ Napa Wetlands Visit, Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Fest, Sacramento Old Town

      November       Lodi Crane Fest, Presidio Tunnel Tops, Bale Grist Mill,

      December      LBC Northern Lights, Local Hometown Lights



        Thank you,Tony, for all your hard work, your dedication, your inspiration and your sticktoitiveness.

        terry connelly

          Looks like a lot of wonderful opportunities. I look forward to joining in the fun.


          terry connelly

            Tony, is there a particular day for the Rodeo and will there be a shared lunch?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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