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    Tony Reynes



      November field trips

      For the last 2 years we have had low participation for November and December field trips. The general feedback that I have received  is that there is too much stuff going on around the holidays.

      Here is a suggestion for trips for both months: you have a month to complete each of the field trips. You can surely fit them in at your convenience. You have a better chance of doing it with a friend. And, the images will count for the 2024 award.

      So here goes. For November, go to either the Hot Air Balloon launch area in Sonoma (https://sonomaballooning.com/) or Napa (https://nvaloft.com/) and photograph take-off. And landing if you get ambitious. The good news is that the launch, due to shorter days is relatively later in the day.


      Paso Robles Lights (Optional)

      Visit one of the best light shows in Northern California on your own during the entire month of November: https://sensoriopaso.com/. It is an easy drive down there; the summer rates are over at the hotels and sunset is very early. If you time the trip right, the early morning shadows on the mountains to the west of 101 near King City are amazing.


      December Field Trip

      For December, a first! Almost everybody is going to go to, or host a holiday meal this month. Let’s do some food photography. No people included. If you have no gatherings planned, treat yourself to a great meal and memorialize it.







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