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    Tony Reynes

      January         Post holiday lights in your own town


      February       Goat Rock at low tide


      This trip is scheduled for 10 am on 2/27. Low tide is about 11. Low tide gives us a great deal more real estate to shoot to the north and south. Targets of opportunity include tidal pools, jagged rocks, driftwood and pinnipeds. After shooting, we can meet at 1 pm at Koalas in Guerneville for lunch. If the weather is really cruddy, I will notify you and the trip will be postponed until the next day.



      March       Armstrong Woods


      The date is 10 am on 3/8. The area is recovering from the fires and we should see new growth after all the rain. This is truly a great area to go wide or macro. There are vistas to cover as well as small critters and flowers under foot. After shooting, we can all go up to Guerneville for lunch at El Barrio at 1pm.

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        Thanks Tony!  Great list.  Are there dates for these, or do we go when we can in the month?

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